1. Synergy of services and scalability in candidate searches!

  2. TIES staff enjoys being a part of many different recruiting processes so much that we believe in the “art of executive recruitment.” 

  3. We’ve been around the block and can offer a diversified approach to recruiting talent for your organization.

  4. TIES has strong back-office/IT support with extensive experience.

  5. TIES operates comfortably with fast-paced searches and thrives on providing impressive results quickly!

  6. TIES has had many successes in multiple industries / sectors.

  7. TIES is dedicated to each of our clients in not only meeting their recruiting needs and deadlines but in understanding the business direction, priorities and growth opportunities.

  8. TIES is committed to giving back to the communities that we serve.

  9. It is our goal to deliver quality services and great candidates in an ethical and honorable way -- above all, what’s most important to us is doing what’s right – no matter what.