Here's what some of our clients and candidates have to say!

“Cindy is the ultimate professional. I've had the opportunity of being recruited by Cindy Miller. I am a sales professional with twenty-one years experience in industrial, and pharmaceutical sales. I highly recommend Cindy based on her tenacity, her ability to build the relationship, her honesty, integrity, and her complete passion to be excellent at what she does. When someone loves what they do, its evident. Cindy is an excellent recruiter, and more importantly, a first class individual.”

- Ray Klempay, LifeWatch Client Executive

“Cindy and I have been working together building world class sales organizations for the better part of 15 years.  As recently as 2009, Cindy was the exclusive executive recruiter for my sales team of 88 sales associates with the goal of growing that sales team to 150+.  In my 25 years of leading sales teams and hiring great people, this was the most daunting task I have ever taken on.  Cindy worked tirelessly to place over 50 new sales positions in 6 months time.  Her ability to make the process effortless for the sales leadership was second to none.  She screens so well and drives the process through service and support so that the hiring leadership spends only quality time with top quality talent.  Cindy has worked with me in healthcare information technology, service businesses, mature businesses, and in start-ups as well.  You will find no better executive recruiter if you want to build a world class sales team.”

- Mike Fiorito, President-Health Outcomes Sciences
"Cindy, you have achieved the 'Holy Grail' of sales, which is to become your client’s 'trusted advisor'.   Thank you for all your advice over the past 6 months.  Thank you most of all for helping me find and land the job of my dreams!"

- Software Sales Candidate
“Cindy is incredibly professional and knowledgeable in both the technology and healthcare fields. Cindy understands that exceeding the expectations of both her hiring executives and her candidates is what creates a successful match. I would recommend Cindy to anyone looking for a recruiter that can source successfully while maintaining the highest level of integrity and professionalism.”

- Susan Woehrman, Former Cerner Corporation Recruiting Leader