What we do for our clients

At TIES you have one point of contact – one conductor of the orchestra.  Several clients we have served have chosen to exclusively use TIES for all their recruiting needs within given sectors and organizations.  In these cases, we have been able to dig very deep to gain an understanding of required skill sets, corporate cultures and political dynamics which have enabled us to fully serve and meet the needs of our clients. 

Allowing us the privilege of working multiple openings within an organization is a win/win as you receive a “continuum of care” regarding all of your recruiting needs.  We become a one-stop candidate shop allowing you the ability to achieve multiple hiring objectives via one great resource – a resource that has come to know you well.  Scalability is created as we develop strong relationships with multiple candidates at many levels within your market niche.  And finally, you won’t deal with the bureaucracy of multiple principals in separate practices here - we’re at your service 24/7.  It’s after business hours and you have a burning (or not so burning) question?  Call us!